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  1. Dylan Neitz
    Dylan Neitz WhoIsDo
    Can u plz give me a beta code I already pre-ordered but the game looks to awesome to wait for
  2. SparksElm
    Having a ripper time!
  3. Shorts
    Rate my posts
  4. Shorts
  5. ChestHighWalls
    Hey this is ChestHighWalls and I'm a YouTube content creator, and game streamer of Fortnite on YouTube Gaming and!
  6. Voxt
  7. Dracseblaze
    Fine, cool, ready.
  8. b3nius
    Wow Perfect game arrived!!
  9. Pizacker
    Pizacker WhoIsDo
    Heey what's up guys! :D
    Do we get any new infos on how you plan to continue brining your majestic piece to the peasants?
  10. Pizacker
    Don't make me wait another 6 months please! :D
  11. futshop
    futshop is The Best and Top 1 Fifa 17 Coins Store Online!
  12. Guidovk
    Looking for key! :D
  13. Aizen Wazein
    Aizen Wazein WhoIsDo
    Can I get the key?... Because I smile with showing a teeth waiting you to reply..
  14. TakObsidia
    TakObsidia WhoIsDo
    I have a friend that turned me onto this game, it looks incredible I would really appreciate a key to try it out and play with him.
  15. kelvin
    Kelvin Guerrero want a Code.... Thanks
  16. sterkut
  17. victor
    victor WhoIsDo
    so only 1 will win a key ?? or all of us ? :P
  18. Empro
    Empro WhoIsDo
    Hey i have been checking this site every day for 5 months now. and not even a release date is here i have been waiting for soo long and checking if there would come a release date soon this game just looks soo good that i realy want to play it and it would be fantastic if you could do another giveaway on codes i have benn going in all of the giveaways but never won soo yeah?!?
  19. caleb fair
    caleb fair
    yeah, I'm pretty open about life. as you can tell I mean, I DO have my name as my username xD
  20. HowellTheElf
    Hey there! I'm Howell, I stream on occasion and I'm really excited for this game.