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    Issue with game crashing

    No. I never had that!
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    FortNightmares was a joke on me

    Go for the Dam Buster it doe's more DPS and looks more serious.
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    Downgraded Hero's and weapons and Pickaxe

    If Epic down grades our hero's and weapons and pickaxe on lower levels then why they can't give us Commando XP? Do one or the other not both!!!
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    Fortnite Alpha Code Giveaway!

    What system you have?
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    Your Correct!!
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    Info About Patches

    Yes I was doing the 14 night storm and day 12 was kicked. This was a month or so ago.
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    HEY ALL...

    What system you on???
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    (Suggestion) Ranking system would be nice

    Hire this person!!!! Great idea
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    Player's use Cheat on Fortnite

    That cat needs help! lol
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    Fortnite Xbox One Controls

    That would be great!
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    Game package

    I'm on Xbox send me a message on Xbox live My gamer tag is the same as on this forum.
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    Game package

    I have one code for Xbox free copy of Fortnite standard edition. Leave me a message if you want it.