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Secret Fallout Shelter With Chests in Snobby Shores

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If you've played the new Fortnite map update, you're probably looking around for secrets on the map. If you happen to land in Snobby Shores, however, there's actually a secret fallout shelter that contains a few ammo boxes and chests.

The house you'll be looking for with the secret basement will be the southern most house in Snobby Shores that contains a flat rooftop. You have the option to either break the floor on the first floor, or you can go to the...

Fortnite 2.2.0 Patch Notes: Map Update Release Date, Lobby Voice Chat & More!

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We've all been anxiously awaiting for map update release date, and Epic Games has confirmed that it'll be arriving January 18th! Along with the new map, there's a ton of changes that are being included in the game.

Along with the new map update arriving tomorrow, they're also allowing voice chat in the pre-game lobby. Really happy to see this change, and I hope we see proximity chat arrive at some point in the near future too. Continue reading below for all of the patch...

New look at Tilted Towers in New map update

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While we're still waiting on a release date for the new map, Epic Games released a new screenshot today showcasing another look at Tilted Towers.

The skin looks like the new Ranger skin, and it appears that they've also made some changes to the trees. There's a noticeably different tree that has very few leaves that I don't recall seeing before in the game.

Hopefully we'll get our hands on this update soon!

Team Killing is Dead! Friendly Fire Disabled in Battle Royale

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If you've ever decided to randomly queue in Fortnite's Battle Royale mode, you've likely experience friendly fire that's killed you (especially for your weapons). Epic Games has officially released a statement today that comments on the state of friendly fire & what they plan on doing about team-killing.

Here's what Epic had to say:

We’ve received a lot of feedback on this subject, and it’s something we’ve been watching closely.

Today we’re making a change in an attempt to reduce...

Motel Location in New Map Update Possibly Found?

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As you probably already know, there's a brand new map update hitting Fortnite's Battle Royale mode next week. One of the locations teased was a motel, which I think could be pretty cool. A few people have snooped around and compared the current map to the images in the trailer, and it looks like the motel location has been found!

The image you see above shows that the...

Fatal Fields Under the Map Glitch in Battle Royale

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Unfortunately, there's a glitch that's kind of ruining Fortnite's Battle Royale mode at the moment. The Fatal Fields under the map glitch allows players to use the building mechanics to get under the map and essentially have God mode against other players. They can loot & shoot other players, and it's nearly impossible to stop without a lot of luck.

This isn't the first time we've seen this issue in Fortnite, so it seems fairly likely that we'll see Epic Games patch this issue. Hopefully we...

New Map Update Featuring New POIs and Biomes

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Next week, there's a ton of new updates hitting Fortnite's Battle Royale mode focused on an updated map, new points of interest & more clearly defined biomes. Swamps will look and feel more like a swamp, mountains will have more trees and feel more like mountains, and so on.

The Christmas trees & chests that spawn by the Christmas trees will also be gone with next week's update. They're spreading loot around a bit more so that we can find more cool stuff...

Fortnite Patch v2.1.0 Featuring Cozy Campfire is Now Live!

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A brand new patch has hit Fortnite featuring a bunch of bug fixes & the Cozy Campfire! I've listed all of the changes below that hit both Battle Royale & Save the World, NVIDIA ShadowPlay Highlights, plus a few quality of life improvements hitting the game too.

Patch Notes - Battle Royale

  • The Boogie Bomb dance effect is now removed upon taking any damage. We will continue to monitor and iterate on this item’s...
Read the full Patch Notes.

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