A Fortnite Wiki - We have one!


Aug 30, 2014

As new users arrive to this forum, a lot of them will have questions about Fortnite. What is it? How does it play? What's the story? Those are are valid questions that people will have, and I want our Fortnite wiki to help them answer that.

Today, you'll be able to see our wiki for the first time. It's still a bit rough around the edges, but I'll be working on building out the content over the next few weeks to allow it to be a great place for Fortnite fans to find more information on the game.

Have a suggestion for it? Feel free to shoot me a PM with your suggestion. Want to edit a page with your own information that you think helps the page? Feel free to do so! You'll have the ability to edit any wiki page as long as I haven't designated it as "locked" currently.

As always, thanks for your support & I can't wait to see how the wiki develops!