New Campfire item coming soon to Battle Royale


Aug 30, 2014
Fortnite Campfire.jpg

The development team behind Fortnite has done a fantastic job of continually adding new items to the game, and the latest one set to arrive soon will be the Campfire. If you're looking for a release date on the campfire item, however, all we know from Epic Games is that the item will be live the second week of January.

The item will reportedly slowly add HP back to all nearby players. We don't have any idea on how much health it'll add back to players yet, but my assumption is that it'll be similar to the Slurp juice already in Fortnite's Battle Royale. The difference, I'm assuming, is that you'll only receive health and not shield as well here.

There's no word if the light or smoke from the campfire will alert enemies of your location, however. Keep in mind that this campfire can heal you, members of your squad, AND your enemies. Be extremely careful with where you drop it & how early you drop it!