New Map POI, Tournament Support & Custom Games Coming in 2018


Aug 30, 2014

While I've personally love to see a new map in Fortnite for Battle Royale, Epic Games recently announced that we'll be receiving a new city & points of interests on the Battle Royale map. If you're looking for a release date, well, unfortunately, all we know right now is early 2018.

Epic announced that the map is getting updated with more points of interest to help fill-in "some of the empty spaces and introduce more gameplay variety". The image above gives us a look at a new section of the map with a few additional buildings that we haven't seen before. It's nice to see mini-skyscrapers to allow for more verticality in confined spaces too.

In addition to the new map points of interest, Epic went on to say that they're also working on tournament support & custom games. They're hard at work on a fully functioning spectator system, as well as custom games that allow you to modify some of the game rules too. This could open up some really cool options, like a Zombies mode for Fortnite similar to what PUBG offers with its custom games.

What do you think about the upcoming new points of interest? Would you like to see a new map too? Or are you just hoping they continue to work on the current map that we have?