Players who purposely engage in friendly fire should be suspended from pvp and eventually banned

Jan 12, 2018
It really isn't fun when your teammate suddenly just shoots you because, I dunno, he wanted your gun or something. I think players who do this should be suspended from pvp, and, after continued violations, should be banned permanently from the game mode altogether. They shouldn't be able to ruin the game for everybody.
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Aug 30, 2014
Definitely agree that those people should have penalties & should also be banned for periods of time if they're repeat offenders. Sometimes it's accidental, but I've found a lot of people that solely do it to get a weapon that they wanted that you picked up.

I'd LOVE to see Epic Games add a feature that if a teammate "team-kills" you, that they are unable to pick-up any of your loot. Your other teammates still could pick it up, but the actual offender couldn't grab it. This could still have issues of its own, but something I hope they address.

In the meantime, make sure you report them here: How do I report an abusive player in For...