Suggestion for PVP


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Jul 11, 2017
Hello everybody!

So I just found out about this game (few days ago). The trailers look awesome and the gameplay looks fun. But I haven't seen much about PvP. And before I start, ill be very honest: I dont know exactly how the game-mechanics work at this point. Like if there is a totally open world or only missions. So keep that in mind, while I explain what kind of PvP system me and so many other players are missing.

I tend to get bored without a challenge. And that usually means the lack of a good PvP system. Most games lately have been either to hard-core, or to easy when it comes down to the PvP. You have games where nothing happens when you kill other people and you have games where your whole base can get raided and ruined at night while you sleep in the real world (most people do need some sleep). So what is it that I and so many other average-players are looking for?

A PvP system where you can kill other players with an incentive, but not so greatly that when you die, you will lose all progress made in the game. A system where you lose your items equipped and your backpack, but not all your skills/blueprints etc. The better equipment you dare to wear, the stronger you will get, but also the higher risk. What a thrill!

I guess the basic game-mechanics will decide whether or not a system like this will work. But I really hope that something similar to what I've just said would be implemented in this game. Could be like placing good materials in "dangerous" PvP-zones or something like that.

Thanks, and good work on the game :)


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Jun 11, 2017
They tried a PvP mode early during the Alpha. It was horrible, and they scrapped it. The long and short of it is that PvP and Co-Op don't really mesh well, and trying to balance both simultaneously is a huge headache for the devs. It's unlikely (but not impossible) that they ever go down that road - and note, specifically, that Epic is responsible for one of the best PvP games of all time, Unreal Tournament, so this isn't something they have no experience with.

Your last suggestion, the rare materials in PvP-active "Hazard Zones," is a great way to stroke the egos of the tiny minority of bully griefers, and a way to ensure that anyone who does not want to play PvP will simply turn off your game and go somewhere else.

Further, your suggestion of losing equipment and materials as a result of being killed in PvP is also something that has been tried in many other games in the past. Go ask Ultima Online how that worked out. The only game where that's even somewhat possible is EVE Online, and that game has a very unique approach that is unlike any other MMOs out there. Trying to crib their notes and copy their elements without understanding WHY they work is a recipe for disaster.

Again, look at Ultima Online, or if you want something recent, look at Elite: Dangerous. When there's active and aggressive PvP'ers running wild, the majority of the player base will chose to play in segments of the game where PvP can't happen. In UO, that means that most of the players play on Trammel, with a much smaller player base on Felucca. In Elite: Dangerous, that means that most people either play in solo mode or in Friends-Only mode. I believe that even EVE Online has mentioned that a large percentage of the player base spends most of its time in high-sec space (where they're at least semi-protected from unexpected PvP).

Trying to graft PvP on a co-op game is not something to be done without seriously considering how it impacts the rest of the game, and not to be done lightly.