What Limited Time modes do you want to see in Fortnite?


Aug 30, 2014
Battle Royale.png

With the addition of Limited Time modes recently, I've started to brainstorm about a few that I'd like to see in Battle Royale. I've listed some of my ideas below, but I'd love to hear from you guys on limited time modes that you'd want to see in Fortnite too!
  • Floor is Lava
    • You start with a set amount of building materials, but all land deals a slow damage of -1 health. If you're on building materials, inside of buildings, or on water.. you're fine & it acts as normal. Would make for some really interesting strategies & mix up the way we play. Downfall is that it might be a little more campy at times, but I think you'd see some really cool basebuilding happen. Maybe to incentivize people to not camp, earning a kill could get you X amount of building materials to push people towards trying to get kills and not just camping.
  • Snipers Only
    • Definitely could run into the issue of this being a camping fest, but I'd be willing to try it out for sure. CQB would be hilarious as you try to quickscope people that are only a matter of feet away from you, and it'd likely lead to some pretty crazy clips.
  • Attack & Defend Mode
    • Imagine a mode where teams spawn on opposite sides of the map. The defending side has an extra 60 seconds to build while the other team can't pass a certain point on the map during that time. After that, the attacking team can then start to move across the map while the defending team focuses on gathering resources, building their base, and placing any traps that they may find. I was kind of hoping 50v50 would be closer to this sort of mode, but got a little disappointed when it wasn't.
  • Gun Game (similar to COD & Battlefield)
    • You start with just your pick axe, and you have to get a kill with it. Once you get a kill with it, you progress to a pistol. Getting a kill with the pistol moves you to another weapon that's slightly better & so on. You fight to be the first person to get a kill with every weapon in the cycle, or to be the last person standing. Map would either need to be condensed, or you'd need to have the circle shrink at a much faster pace.
Those are just a few of the suggestions that I have for Fortnite's Battle Royale limited time modes, but what do you guys want to see?